Wednesday, November 4, 2015

On Nov. 3rd, KY Gov. Beshear urged Democrats to run on Obamacare: "It’s going to be a winner politically.”

Well, Matt Bevin ran against Obamacare and beat Democrat Jack Conway like a dead horse in a state that tilts heavily democratic in voter registration.

Here are more of Beshear's incorrect comments.

For years, Gov. Beshear has publicly urged national Democrats to run on the health care law, regardless of whether they’re from a red or a blue state. “You can tell there’s a pent-up demand and a craving for access to health care,” he said in an interview here. “People came out of the woodwork in droves wanting to find about this. … This is a winner for our people, and because it’s a winner for our people, it’s going to be a winner politically.” Beshear has been publicly attacking Bevin for saying he’d roll back his signature initiative. “He understands that this is now a popular issue for Kentuckians and he’s trying to somehow find a way out of it.”
Expressing confidence that Conway will win today, Beshear told me: “In 2016, I predict the Democratic nominee will make this a major issue and will pound the Republicans into the dust with it.”

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