Sunday, April 12, 2009

Fatah takes out Hamas bomb factory. What?

That is the story from Google news via AFP news service. The question is whether this is a very promising development on the part of Fatah or part of their ongoing power struggle against Hamas. Of course, the bomb factory was located in a Mosque.
Hamas 'bomb factory' found in West Bank mosque

RAMALLAH (AFP) — Palestinian security officials said on Sunday that they had found a Hamas bomb-making factory underneath a mosque in the occupied West Bank.

"Security forces found a bomb-making factory inside a mosque in Qalqiliya," an interior ministry statement said. "Many of the bombs were ready to use and many of them were of industrial grade."

A senior security official told AFP that Fatah-led Palestinian security forces had detained "many" people for questioning after the discovery, saying: "This factory belongs to Hamas." (excerpt) read more at

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