Thursday, April 30, 2009

Obama has lurched U.S. to the far left

Real Clear Politics, Lawrence Kudlow, analyzes how President Obama has forced a hard left turn on this country.
100-Day Lurch to the Left

In the early 1980s, Ronald Reagan's popularity and policies moved American politics firmly to the right. In only 100 days, Barack Obama's politics and policies have shifted America way to the left.

The president is seeking to change the whole relationship between the government and the free-enterprise private sector. He is steering the country away from democratic capitalism and toward his big-government command-and-control vision. We are witnessing a triumph of government bureaucrats over entrepreneurs, investors, and small businesses.

And with Sen. Arlen Specter switching from Republican to Democrat, Obama can now move the nation even further to the left. A filibuster-proof Senate will mean even greater economic restructuring with expanded government control of health care and energy and increased unionization.

This looks very much like a war against investors, businesses, and entrepreneurs. Shareholder rights are being eviscerated. Political decisions are replacing the rule of law, the rule of bankruptcy courts, and free-market principles.

We are witnessing more spending, deficits, and debt-creation than anyone ever imagined. Bailout Nation has run amok. This started under Bush, but Obama is raising the stakes exponentially. (excerpt) read more at


Patsy said...

Today on O'Reilly he showed a poll in which a goodly percentage of the people think that Obama is a moderate. Goes to show you the major bamboozle that he has finessed over a lot of ignorant people.

Bluegrass Pundit said...

Lorna said...

"Today on O'Reilly he showed a poll in which a goodly percentage of the people think that Obama is a moderate."

They have been brainwashed by the MSM.