Sunday, April 26, 2009

Iranian arms ship sunk by missiles from unknown force

An Iranian arms ship has been sunk by missiles from an unknown boat. The Iranian ship was suspected of carrying weapons to Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Although the missile firer is unknown, my money is on the Israelis. President Obama does not have the "cahones" to authorize this kind of attack. Reported by Ynet.
Report: Iranian arms ship sunk off Sudan coast

Egyptian weekly says missiles fired by 'unidentified boat which may have been Israeli or American'

An Egyptian weekly reported Sunday that an Iranian ship carrying weapons traveling en route to the Gaza Strip has been sunk in the Red Sea, off the coast of Sudan.

Al-Usbua's report quotes sources from Sudan's capitol Khartoum, who say missiles were fired towards the ship from "an unidentified boat, which may be Israeli or American."

The report says the Iranian ship was headed for Sudan in order to unload the weapons, which would then travel by land to the Gaza Strip. But the ship was sunk by the missiles, along with its crew.


GeronL said...

Patriots and others from around the world should work with Israel to create a clandestined anti-terror terror group working the work that governments won't.

We can called it,

EDICT said...

Gotta love the Israelis. They are the only people/nation that are surrounded by hostile neighbors and continue to kick everyone's behind. Any world leader and military command ought to intern in Israel.