Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fred Thompson calls Obama 'Naive, Arrogant, Inept'(video)

Fred Thompson: Obama Pursuit of Bush Officials Like Banana Republic, Not U.S.A.

Former Tennessee Senator, presidential candidate, actor and current radio talk show host, Fred Thompson tells Newsmax.TV that for the first time in our history, one administration is thinking about trying another in criminal court. He notes that happens in banana republics and Third World countries, not in the U.S.A. Regarding the CIA memos on enhanced interrogation techniques, Thompson says other people would have gone to jail for what Obama did in declassifying top secret documents. He says Obama is showing "naivete, ineptitude and unbelievable arrogance."


Joe "Truth 101" Kelly said...

Here's the thing BG. The Republicans spent millions chasing the Clintons over a phantom land deal that the Clintons lost money on, and of course, the now infamous Lewinsky scandal.
It shows a huge level of hypocrisy to accuse Democrats of investigating the Bush Administration over, hell, anything.

Interested Bystander said...

TRUTH 101,

Here's the thing, the Republicans did this while Clinton was IN office, not after he was out of office.

The hypocrisy is that the Democrats didn't have the guts to do it while Bush was in office, and now that they have carte blanch to do whatever they want, they are walking around with their noses in the air.

How about fixing the economy and getting people back to work? Seems to me that this would be a better tactic than running around on a witch hunt.