Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Greatest "gun myths" video ever

If you haven't seen this 2003 episode of 20/20 where they debunk all the negative myths about gun ownership, this video will be well worth your five minutes. In the "age of Obama," I doubt we will ever see anything like this again from the Main Stream Media.

Gun Myths(video via YouTube)

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Steel Phoenix said...

I oppose most gun control. The Second Amendment is there to ensure that we have the means to rise up against our government in the event that it should become an oppressor. If anything, id rather see anti-tank guns legal than automatic weaponry. Self defense and hunting are just nice bonuses.

I think this video uses a bit too much misleading terminology. It suggests than things are good because no one has published a study about their particular statistic.

If you like old videos about gun control, check out this one with Suzanna Gratia ◄Dave► posted a while back.