Friday, July 22, 2011

Confirmed: Trust in Government at Record Low

Nobody on any side of the aisle trusts Obama anymore.
(Fox News) — As leaders in Washington try to reach agreement on a budget deal, a record majority of American voters say they distrust the federal government.

Only 33 percent of voters say yes, they generally trust the government, a record low according to a Fox News poll released Wednesday. The previous low was last year’s 35 percent (June 2010). The level of trust has dropped a total of 21 percentage points from a post-9/11 high of 54 percent trust in June 2002.
A majority of voters — 62 percent — do not trust the government. That’s up from 60 percent last year, and up significantly from 36 percent in 2002.

This sentiment of distrust is widely felt, as the poll found younger voters, older voters, as well as high and low income voters alike — all about equally likely to express distrust in Uncle Sam.
Flashback to 2008: 

Obama Tells Voters They Can Change History

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SE Pepper said...

Well then, that's a refreshing sign-- folks such as Thomas Jefferson and Ronald Reagan recommended to "not trust government", and to keep on guard to check the encroachment of big government policies into individual daily lives.