Friday, July 29, 2011

WH Spokesman Carney Hints At 14th Amendment Solution: If We Have No Other Alternative We Will "Take Action" (video)


The reason we are at this point is mainly due to the fact President Obama wants a long-term deal that will last through the next election cycle. This is a purely political move on his part. Obama doesn't want voters thinking about the budget deficit or the explosion in spending that has taken place under his presidency. Are long-term deals even normal? Since President Obama invoked Ronald Reagan's record during his prime-time debt ceiling speech, we will use him as a bench mark. President Obama correctly stated that Reagan raised the debt limit 18 times during his presidency. A little math reveals Reagan got a debt ceiling vote every 5.3 months on average. President Obama is demanding a debt ceiling increase that gives him a blank check for almost two tears.

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Jeff Brodhead said...

14th Amendment, eh? Yeah, well if We the People would be willing to do a little bit of research and gather ourselves together... just go Watch the video at

Seriously - just do it NOW!