Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Your Tax Dollars at Work: Studying the Penis Size of Gay men

We don't need to raise more revenue for this kind of silly government spending. We need to cut the wasteful spending.
(FOX News)- The federal government helped fund a study that examined what effect a gay man's penis size has on his sex life and general well-being. 

The study was among several backed by the National Institutes of Health that have come under scrutiny from a group claiming the agency is wasting valuable tax dollars at a time when the country is trying to control its debt. This particular research resulted in a 2009 report titled, "The Association Between Penis Size and Sexual Health Among Men Who Have Sex with Men." 

The study reported, among its findings, that gay men with "below average penises" were more likely to assume a "bottom" sexual position, while those with "above average penises" were more likely to assume a "top" sexual position. Those with average penises identified themselves as "versatile" in the bedroom. 

Though it's difficult to trace exactly how much federal funding went to the project, the study was one of many linked to an $899,769 grant in 2006.
I wonder if this spending was part of the stimulus./snark

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Just Wow! Now Americans can relax because the gubmint has taken care of this....