Saturday, July 30, 2011

Harry Reid and Senate Democrats Put Boehner Debt Bill on Ice

Some Republican senators voted against the Boehner Bill because they thought it didn't go far enough.
(FOX News)- With the U.S. moving perilously closer to defaulting on its loans, the House on Friday evening passed an increase in the federal debt limit tied to progress on a balanced budget, but the Senate responded less than two hours later by putting the House bill on ice.

The House bill was Speaker John Boehner's third version of a deficit-reduction plan, and it passed in a 218-210 vote, with all House Democrats opposed, as well as 22 Republicans. The provision laying the groundwork for a constitutional amendment mandating a balanced budget was pivotal in securing the support of hard-line Republicans, but it also helped assure the bill, as is, would be rejected by the Democratic-led Senate...

The vote in the Senate to reject the House legislation was 59-41, with all Democrats, two independents and six Republicans joining in opposition.

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