Sunday, July 17, 2011

Outrage: Rape Victim Jailed For Calling Badgering Defense Attorney "Bitch"

A Detroit rape victim was ordered held in jail for 3 days after she snapped on the witness stand and told the defense attorney,
"get to the point bitch"
36th District Judge Vanessa Bradley should be put in jail for making that call. She is unfit to serve as a judge.
That nightmare only continued at a Wednesday hearing , when she claims defense attorney Gabi Silver kept badgering her on the stand insinuating that she brought this attack on herself, causing this victim to snap in court.

"I said just get to the point bitch, it slipped out, it was inappropriate... all the bottled anger" says the alleged victim.

Without a warning, she says 36th District Judge Vanessa Bradley held her in contempt and ordered her to spend three days in jail.

After our story aired Wednesday, exposing what happened - the judge seemed to have a change of heart and released her a day early.


Kip said...

Aggressive, attack language has no place in court ... and victims don't get free passes, either. Isn't everyone trying to excuse their behavior by playing the "victim" card these days? If authorities don't start holding some level of decorum, our coarse culture is going to swallow us all up. Isn't "bitch" a sexist comment? Can we use the "c" word, then? Can we use the "n" word? Who gets to decide what's acceptable anymore?

Sliding down that slippery slope ...

Anonymous said...

Considering what this woman had been thru, that AZZHOLE C#NT of a judge should have simply given her a verbal warning to watch her language. F@CK Third World America and Third World American judges. I hope your country collapses ASAP!!!

Anonymous said...

Kippy, you obviously have never been in court after being raped or attacked. So until it happens to you and you get to spend time with some defense attorney asking you idiot quiet! Hope that was polite enough for you?