Thursday, July 21, 2011

New Poll: 66 Percent Support Republican’s Cut, Cap And Balance Plan

It should be obvious that the vast majority of Americans want our government to make cuts and balance the budget. Somehow, President Obama and democrats just don't get it.
(Washington Examiner) — CNN just released a poll of 1,000 Americans showing overwhelming support for the House Republican approach to the debt limit crisis. Specifically, 66 percent of Americans favor a deal where both houses of Congresses pass a balance budget amendment, and substantial cuts and caps on future spending, in exchange for a debt limit hike.
As a stand alone measure 74 percent of Americans favor a constitutional amendment to require a balanced federal budget. And 60 percent of Americans believe a balanced budget amendment is necessary to get federal deficits under control.
The poll is not all bad news for President Obama. Sixty-six percent of Americans do support a plan to cut four trillion dollars in government spending and raise taxes as part of a debt limit hike.

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