Friday, July 29, 2011

New Fort Hood Plotter Was Idolized By Left As Conscientious Objector

The left called Pfc. Naser Abdoa "Muslim Peacemaker" because of his 2010 'Conscientious Objector' status. Apparently, Naser Abdoa objected to killing terrorists in Afghanistan, but doesn't object to killing as long at the targets are American infidels.
(Commentary) — The 21-year-old soldier arrested today for allegedly plotting to attack Fort Hood appears to be the same “conscientious objector” who was viewed as a peacemaker by anti-war activists last year, after he refused to serve in Afghanistan or Iraq because he claimed it violated his Muslim faith.

When Pfc. Naser Abdo applied for CO status last year, the utterly discredited Iraq Veterans Against the War organization posted a message in support of him on its website, and asked readers to donate to his legal defense fund. And Kimber Heinz, a writer for the far-left website Truthout, unluckily chose to profile Abdo in a 2010 article entitled, “One Year After Fort Hood: The Missing Story of Muslim Peacemaking.”

“We must lift up the stories and ongoing work of Muslim peacemakers like Naser Abdo,” Heinz wrote.
CNN and Al Jazeera also both featured  glowing segments on Abdo’s quest to obtain CO status.

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Was Jihad Jared in Arizona also a fan?