Friday, April 3, 2009

Elderly woman trapped on out-of-control scooter -- for five miles

I think she almost ran me down at Walmat. I didn't know those scooters had a range of over 5 miles. GM and Chrysler should check out the batteries.
Runaway scooter carries off woman

An 87-year-old Cornish woman was rescued by police five miles from home when her mobility scooter sped off out of control.

Eileen Bishop, from Perranporth, and her husband Anthony were on their way to church when, he said, she "disappeared off the radar".

Officers later found her heading along the A3075 towards Newquay.

A police community support officer (PCSO) rode the scooter back and said it appeared to be working correctly.

Mr Bishop said the incident began when he and his wife set off for St Michael's church.

He said the scooter, which "hadn't been going that well", was set to three-quarters speed.

"Suddenly she passed me at full tilt," Mr Bishop said.

I was half asleep to tell you the truth
Eileen Bishop

"I shouted after her but she is a bit deaf. I couldn't chase her as I've had a triple heart bypass.

"She just disappeared off the radar."

Mr Bishop said he and a neighbour searched for his wife and then went to the police station to report her missing. (excerpt) read more at

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Sunflower Ranch said...

OMG! Poor old thing. I'm sure the commisars will use this incident to pass some very stiff laws regarding the use and possession of scooters by the elderly. But will scooter control really keep the illegal scooters off the streets? Should they also sue the manufacturers? We haven't seen the end of this! ;>)