Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hillary Clinton thinks piracy is funny

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton can't help laughing when talking about Americans being held hostage by pirates. President Obama is unwilling to speak at all. How can a few pirates in an over sized row boat thumb their noses at the U.S. Navy? The reason is that we have Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton as our leaders.

Here is the video of Hillary laughing; plus some background.(video via YouTube)


Steel Phoenix said...

weird. Looks pretty blatantly out of context to me. Got the 30 seconds preceding this anywhere?

I love that pirate song. I think it is from the Garfield Halloween special if memory serves me. I hate to follow her example of appearing soft on piracy, but if Garfield made a whole album of such pirate songs, Id buy it in an instant (or pirate it?).

Patsy said...

DEAR Bluegrass Pundit.......

Well, unlike Steel Phoenix, I am going to focus on the point, and that is: Hillary Clinton does not have the ability to assess gravity or humor accurately, I wonder if she would have chuckled if Chelsea had been kdnapped?

There is no context that could erase the fact that Hillary talks about ”Somalian pirates“ and ”kidnapping Americans.“

If Steel Phoenix can't find it in him or her to feel some anger, then you can count me for double.

What an amazingly insensitive woman Hillary Clinton is. I hope the hostage gets out of this safe (and sound!)

Pesky Emotional Republican

Patsy said...

I was so angry that I didn't write acurately above.

I should have written:

There is no context that could soften the fact that Hillary talks about ”Somali pirates“ and “taking Americans hostages” and then giggles.


Steel Phoenix said...

You are right Lorna, there really isn't any excuse that would vindicate her in this case. I found the rest of the video BP:
Unless something really funny happened in the audience, I can't see what she thought was funny. Sometimes I forget that she is the Secretary of State rather than just a washed up loser. I still can't muster much anger though, I can see why you would, but if I got upset that easily, I'd be a wreck all the time.