Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Socialized Medicine Alert: Elderly Abused in Britain

The Truth About Obamacare

This is the kind of health care system President Obama and democrats want us to have here in America. Obamacare was the first big step down the road to a European style national health care system.

(The Telegraph) — A study of pensioners who suffered appalling treatment at the hands of doctors and nurses says that half were not given enough to eat or drink.

One family member said the maltreatment amounted to “euthanasia”.

Some were left unwashed or in soiled clothes, while others were forgotten after being sent home or given the wrong medication.

In several cases considered by the Health Service Ombudsman, patients died without loved ones by their sides because of the “casual indifference” of staff and their “bewildering disregard” for people’s needs.

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