Thursday, February 17, 2011

Helen Thomas doubts Obama's liberalism and says "Hell no" to apologizing for antisemitic remarks

Helen Thomas claims Obama isn't liberal. She sais she thought he would be because he is black. At least she didn't blame Obama's alleged lack of liberalism on Jews. When Thomas was offered an opportunity to apologize for her "Get the hell out of Palestine" and "Go back to Poland" remarks, she replied, "Hell no."

Via Daily Caller
BEHAR: Things have changed. And President Obama, do you like him? Do you think he is doing a good job? We started out the conversation before about it a little bit.

THOMAS: I think he lacks courage

BEHAR: He lacks courage?

THOMAS: And he is not a liberal. I had hoped he was. I suppose I thought he was, because he was black, I thought he would automatically be —

BEHAR: Well, that was your mistake.

THOMAS: That was my mistake. I thought he would be a liberal.
Newsflash for Thomas: Obama is a socialist.

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