Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wisconsin Republicans Moving Voter ID Bill Through Senate. Meanwhile, AWOL Democrats Try To "Phone It In"

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The situation in Wisconsin is get more surreal everyday. Direct deposit for AWOL Democrats has been cut off and Republicans are starting to move other bills Democrats oppose that don't require the two-thirds quorum. In particular, they are moving a voter ID bill. No one who is against voter fraud should object to a voter ID bill, but Democrats do. I think you know the reason why.
( Also today, the Republicans moved forward with a voter ID bill that Democrats oppose, according to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. Republicans believe they can strip the bill of the quorum-requiring financial provisions and get it through while the Democrats are out of town...

Regarding the voter ID bill, GOP Sen. Mary Lazich, chairwoman of the committee handling the bill, refused to let missing Democratic Sen. Jon Erpenbach literally phone in his vote.  The scene was pretty surreal, as Erpenbach was allowed to listen in by conference call, but that was it.

I won’t extend courtesies for unethical behavior,” Lazich told Erpenbach.

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