Thursday, July 14, 2011

French ready to throw in the towel on Libya

You had to know this was coming.
(Sun) — The French yesterday sensationally insisted military action in Libya must end.
It came as President Nicolas Sarkozy made a surprise visit to French troops in Afghanistan – to announce 1,000 will be pulled out by the end of 2012.
France said the Nato bombing campaign in Libya could not oust Colonel Gaddafi and diplomacy was the only solution – even if it meant the tyrant retaining limited power.
Defence Minister Gerard Longuet said: “We must now sit around a table. We’ve shown there is no solution through force.”

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SE Pepper said...

That'll be news to Little Angry Boy Barry and his Sith Lord Darth Hildeebeest....they apparently were NOT consulted prior to the French minister's announcement.