Monday, July 11, 2011

GOP House Speaker John Boehner Tells Obama 'No He Is Not Going To Eat His Peas'

 Apparently 'peas' are a metaphor for tax increases in President Obama's vocabulary.  House Speaker John Boehner has issued a firm "no" to new taxes as part of a debt ceiling increase.

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SE Pepper said...

There is NOTHING stopping Barry from going to his majority cohorts in the Senate and draft a budget. He is pretending that the "mean old nasty House GOP" is holding up the whole process-- NOTHING could be further from the truth-- just because the GOP has their only majority in the House, that doesn't mean that gives them all keys to all the other areas of government, to go around locking everyone out-- that is essentially what Barry is trying to make the public believe, which is just HOGWASH.
There is nothing preventing Barry from engaging in petty politics, while being paid generous benefits (pay, free room and board, plus free air, sea, and land travel 24/7). But that's EXACTLY what he IS doing-- and it makes him look cheap, juvenile, arrogant, and detached from reality.