Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Little Johnny can't read unless it is test day in Atlanta

This is a truly shameful story about cheating by 178 teachers and principals at dozens of Atlanta schools. In order to have a scandal this large, the leadership of Atlanta's school system must be rotten to the core. I am sure Atlanta has some very honest and outstanding teachers. However, their reputation has been seriously tarnished by the actions of their coworkers. Look for the NEA to launch a defense of the cheating teachers and principals.
(Time)- At least 178 teachers and principals at nearly four dozen schools in Atlanta have been implicated in what is likely the largest cheating scandal in U.S. history to date.

The report found that teachers, principals and administrators were both helping students on the state's standardized test, the Criterion-Reference Competency Test, and correcting incorrect answers after students had turned the tests in. Eighty-two educators confessed to the allegations detailed in the report from the Georgia Bureau of Investigations.

Calling it a "dark day" for Atlanta Public Schools, Mayor Kasim Reed said the yearlong investigation "confirms our worst fears ...
It was reported back in January that whistle-blowing teachers who reported the cheating became targets of an investigation.

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