Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Priceless: Democratic former NYC Mayor Ed Koch Urges Voters to Vote GOP

Apparently, Koch is steamed about Obama's anti-Israel policy.
“I want to put a shot across Obama’s bow,”

(NY Post) — In “a shot across President Obama’s bow,” Democratic former Mayor Ed Koch yesterday urged voters in Queens and Brooklyn to make “history” by voting for the Republican candidate to replace randy ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner in the Sept. 13 special election — as a protest against the White House’s policy on Israel.

Koch — a staunch ally of Israel — said he would “vote for Bob Turner” if the Republican-Conservative candidate backs Israel and opposes cutbacks to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

“If Jewish New Yorkers and others who support Israel were to turn away from the Democratic Party in that congressional election and elect the Republican candidate to Congress in 2011, it might very well cause President Obama to change his hostile position on the state of Israel and to re-establish the special relationship presidents before him had supported,” Koch said in his weekly commentary.

Koch likened the situation to Republican Scott Brown winning the Massachusetts Senate seat long occupied by Ted Kennedy.

“I want to put a shot across Obama’s bow,” Koch said in an interview.

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Anonymous said...

Being in the closet is nothing new for Ed Koch. He's been a closet Republican for a decade. This is news?