Saturday, July 9, 2011

Texas Gov. Rick Perry Calls Key Iowa Republicans

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Texas Gov. Rick Perry appears to seriously be considering entering the GOP 2012 presidential race. Obama's worst nightmare is about to come true.
POLITICO: Rick Perry has started calling Iowa Republicans and a former RNC finance chairman is helping to convene a meeting of national donors later this month in Austin to discuss financing a potential 2012 campaign — signs that the Texas governor and his allies are stepping up their exploratory efforts.
The developments come as Perry is being watched by a string of donors, early-state voters and elites who say they’re disenchanted, and in search of a stronger candidate.
Republican activist Joni Scotter told POLITICO she got a surprise phone call this afternoon from Perry, asking about the political landscape as it relates to him.
“It was just a surprise,” said Scotter, of Marion, who’s well-known for her frequent appearances at Iowa Republican events and is a coveted worker bee on presidential campaigns. She said she didn’t know how Perry got her number.
“He sounded great and just asked if he should run,” she said. “And I said, of course.” She said he said he hadn’t made up his mind. . . . Read More

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