Sunday, July 10, 2011

Westboro Baptist Church To Protest at Betty Ford’s Funeral

This is sad. I support free speech, but this is over the top. SCOTUS got it wrong. All protesting at funerals should be banned.
Mlive - The Westboro Baptist Church — notorious for twisting scripture to justify persecution of homosexuals and picketing at funerals — have announced their intent to protest this week’s memorial services honoring former first lady Betty Ford in Grand Rapids.
On the Topeka, Kansas-based church’s website, the fringe group said they will picket services on Thursday because Ford divorced her first husband William Warren prior marrying the late president Gerald R. Ford.
In Westboro’s eyes, that makes Ford an adulterer who “loved to sit with tawdry reporters and blather about sex.”


Angela in Seattle said...

I pity those children. What a negative view of life, the world, and God they must have. :(

Anonymous said...

Westboro Baptist Church fails to understand the term "God loves"

SE Pepper said...

Here's how the WBC "protesters" were dealt with by the local authorities in Mississippi, when they planned a protest at a funeral of a soldier from MS who died in Afghanistan: the WBC received a "tip" to stage at an empty commercial lot near the funeral, but in fact were "punk'd" by the LEO's there who were waiting on them-- when they were gathered on the empty lot, they were ALL ARRESTED for vagrancy and held until the services for the soldier were complete. EXCELLENT strategy against these thugs, I must say!

Anonymous said...

People of the WBC remind me of the Telly Savalas part "Maggott" in the movie "The Dirty Dozen." I can't imagine much laughter around the diner table from this bunch.