Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Obama Administration talks missile defense out of both sides of their mouth

The Obama Administration talked missile defense out of both sides of their mouth Monday. While in Prague, Obama pledged to support missile defense according to the Telegraph.
"As long as the threat from Iran persists, we will go forward with a missile defence system that is cost-effective and proven," he told a crowd of about 20,000 gathered in Hradcany Square, next to Prague Castle.

The same day his Defense Secretary was proposing deep cuts in missile defense programs according to Fox News.

Gates called for $1.4 billion in cuts to missile defense as part of a budget plan he says will "reshape the priorities" of the Pentagon and "rebalance this department's programs in order to institutionalize and finance our capabilities to fight the wars we are in today and the scenarios we are most likely to face in the years ahead."

Among the proposed cuts would come the end of the "multiple kill vehicle" program -- a hovering machine meant to shoot down enemy missiles, even from space.

Other high-tech missile defense programs would also be scaled back. The second prototype aircraft of the Airborne Laser -- a Boeing 747-mounted laser meant to intercept missiles near their launch areas -- would be terminated and the design efforts to date turned into research and development.

The truth is Obama does not support a missile defense program. he was just playing to public fears about the North Korean missile launch. Missile defense will die a slow death under the Obama Administration.

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