Monday, April 6, 2009

Obama fails to get UN to do anything about North Korean missile launch

When North Korea launched their missile, President Obama said the following,
''This morning, we were reminded again why we need a new and more rigorous approach to address this threat. North Korea broke the rules once more by testing a rocket that could be used for a long-range missile,'' Obama said at the outdoor speech in central Prague.

''This provocation underscores the need for action, not just . . . at the U.N. Security Council but in our determination to prevent the spread of these weapons,'' he said. ``Rules must be binding. Violations must be punished. Words must mean something.'' (excerpt) read more at

The U.N. Security council met for three hours in emergency session following the rocket launch. They couldn't agree to do anything. When dealing with the U.N., words mean nothing. President Bush understood this fact. President Obama is still living in a fantasy world.
UN fails to agree response on NKorea launch

After three hours of closed-door talks, the UN Security Council failed to reach agreement on how to respond to North Korea's long-range rocket launch seen by most Western nations as a clear violation of UN resolutions.

"Members of the Security Council agreed to continue consultations on an appropriate action by the council in accordance with its responsibilities given the urgency of the matter," Mexico's UN Ambassador Claude Heller, the council chair this month, told reporters after Sunday's meeting.

The United States and Japan, which called for the meeting in response to what they view as Pyongyang's "provocative act," said the launch of a three-stage Taepodong-2 missile, with an estimated range of 4,100 miles (6,700 kilometers) violated Security Council resolution 1718. (excerpt) read more at

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