Monday, April 6, 2009

Obama Administration proposes deep cuts in weapons programs

Barack Obama campaigned on a plan to make deep cuts in the defense department. He has forced Defense Secretary Robert Gates to make proposals for those deep cuts; including an almost elimination of the F-22 fighter jet program. Secretary Gates is so chocked up he is almost unable to get the details out.

Gates to cut several major weapons programs(video)

Defense Secretary Robert Gates is proposing deep cuts to some big weapons programs such as the F-22 fighter jet as the Pentagon takes a hard look at how it spends money. (April 6)

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Steel Phoenix said...

Tough call. The military is likely the most wasteful organization in America, but our military advantage is in tech, not size. We have to keep that up. That said, I'm not at all certain the F-22 is the future. If the game remains the same, then it is, but I think we are going to see war go in a whole different direction very soon.