Sunday, October 31, 2010

Blue Cross Jacks Insurance Rates $300 in Response to Obamacare

This isn't the change President Obama promised Americans. Blue Cross has announced massive health insurance premium increases.

It appears that, rather than making health care affordable as was promised, ObamaCare is taking our health insurance costs even higher—about $300 per month (or $3600 per year) higher. [Not that anyone with an IQ above an average AFSCME or SEIU member couldn't have figured it out anyway.]

Now, the “right” (read: soon-to-be mandate) of having health care insurance will only cost this family of five $17,705 per year. And, for what?…A couple of doctor visits per kid per year? The occasional prescription of antibiotics? The privilege of having a ‘just-in-case’ policy?

The Liar-in-Chief promised, over and over, to lower the average family premium by $2500 per year.

Obamacare is a big "Fail."

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