Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Moveon.org Moonbat scuffles with Rand Paul supporters at debate

A liberal employee of Moveon.org poses as a Rand Paul fan and tries to get close enough to Rand Paul to embarrass him with a sign as he enters for a televised debate in Lexington , Ky.
"Her purpose was to try to get a picture with Rand Paul with this [RepubliCorp] sign so it could be used to embarrass Rand Paul in commercials," Hart said, recounting what Valle told officers. She described herself as a contract employee with MoveOn.org.

Valle was wearing a "I'm a Rand Fan" sticker on her red hooded sweatshirt, the video showed.

She got thrown to the ground and one man stomped stepped on her shoulder. Here is the raw video from Fox News.

Police are investigating.

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