Thursday, October 21, 2010

Demo Steny Hoyer Accused of Knuckle-Punching GOP Opponent in the Back (Video)

Campaign 2010 has taken another bizarre twist. Democrat, Nancy Pelosi right arm and House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer has been accused of threatening and knuckle-punching his GOP opponent Charles Lollar. Are democrats really this frustrated and desperate?

Southern Maryland Online reported:
According to their editor, she had several reporters at the press conference, but could not confirm if the man asking the question was theirs. The man was off camera.

“I could of swore, towards that end, just about shortly after he made that remark to you, that there was like a knuckle punch to your back. Were my eyes, am I that blind, did I make that up or was he, was he giving you kind of a goad there?” stated the questioner.

“You are not making that up,” responded Lollar. “It was done not just once, but twice.”

The knuckle-punch comments are at the 4:55 mark.

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Anonymous said...

You can practically smell Democrat's fear.