Monday, October 25, 2010

Liberal group brags CBO missed Obamacare subsidy by 578% and will cost taxpayers $110 billion a year in 2014

January 25, 2007 Obama speaks to Families USA Conference, Washington, DC

The liberal health care reform advocacy group, Families USA, commissioned a study of how many Americans will be eligible for subsidies under Obamacare. The study found 28.6 million Americans will be eligible in 2014. The CBO had estimated the number to be only 7 million. The cost difference is $91 billion a year. If this is accurate, Obamacare will cause the deficit to rise as early as 2015.

Verum Serum reported:
A new study by the Lewin Group estimates that 28.6 million Americans will be eligible for a federal subsidy to purchase health insurance beginning in 2014 at a projected cost to tax payers in excess of $110 billion. This estimate is dramatically higher (578%) than the cost of these subsidies forecast by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) prior to the bill’s enactment into law.

Instead of hanging their head in shame for helping sell the American taxpayers a lie, Families USA bragged about it in a press release.
Beginning in 2014, almost 29 million middle-income Americans will be eligible for new tax credits to help them afford private health insurance premiums. The historic tax cut in the health reform law, which is estimated to reduce family income taxes by more than $110 billion in 2014 alone, will be provided through tax credits to offset a significant portion of private insurance premium costs.


Anonymous said...

Why am I not shocked. Republicans claimed all along the costs were underestimated and Obamacare was a deficit buster.

Anonymous said...

Now there is real politispeak. Rather than stating the subsidy will increase governmental costs by 110 billion, it is stated as reducing family taxes by 110 Billion, because the costs will be refunded in the form of tax credits. How twisted can you get?

Bluegrass Pundit said...

Anonymous said...

"Now there is real politispeak."

You could call it liberal-speak too.