Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cook Political Report Upgrades Voter Hurricane Headed Democrats Way to Category 5

The nonpartisan Cook Political Report is now predicting a huge wave of voter discontent will wash 48 to 60 (or more) democrats out of their House seats.

The Cook Political Report’s pre-election House outlook is a Democratic net loss of 48 to 60 seats, with higher losses possible. A turnover of just 39 seats would tip majority status into Republican hands. The midterm maelstrom pulling House Democrats under shows no signs of abating, if anything it has intensified.

Whereas fewer than a third of Democratic Senate seats are up for election, House Democrats are suffering the full violence of this national undertow. Over a quarter of the entire 255-member House Democratic caucus have trailed GOP opponents in at least one public or private survey, and nearly half have tested under 50 percent of the vote in at least one poll.

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