Saturday, October 23, 2010

Obama College Acquaintance Remembers Him as a Beardless Marxist-Leninist

Most of President Obama's college acquaintances have refused too speak about him in any detail. This is especially true of Obama's Occidental college days. There is one exception. John Drew was the founder of the Democratic Student Socialist Alliance at Occidental. He has outgrown his Socialist-Marxist past and is a Conservative now. He is wiling to share his personal memories of Obama, but the MSM has ignored him. Could it be because he remembers Obama as a self-described Marxist-Lenninist?

American Thinker reported:
Drew was founder of the Democratic Student Socialist Alliance at Occidental - basically, the Marxist club, as he describes it in the interview. He got to know young Obama fairly well, and notes that Obama described himself at the time as a Marxist-Lenninist, and anticipated a revolution in the United States.

Drew was interviewed by Paul Kengor, guest host for the Glen Meakam Show. Click here. Click 'play now' by standard podcast text under the title of the article. Allow a couple of minutes for the podcast to load and zoom to the 42 minute mark.

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