Sunday, February 6, 2011

Obama Encourages Employees to Sue Their Bosses

How to Win (& Survive) a Lawsuit: The Secrets Revealed

In Obama's weekly address Saturday, he said business had an obligation to grow the economy. Meanwhile, in an unprecedented move, he is encouraging employees who have complaints to sue their bosses.
In an unprecedented and controversial move, the White House has launched a new program at the Department of Labor which will refer workers who have complaints about their bosses to a toll free number at the American Bar Association, where they can get a lawyer to work on their case on a contingency fee basis.

More than 40,000 workers annually contact the Department of Labor with complaints about their bosses. But Labor can't get to all of them, an estimated 10%, because of budget constraints, the White House says. So the White House has instead launched a program for "unresolved complainants" with the ABA. Workers will now be provided a toll-free number that connects them with ABA lawyers nationwide who are experienced in things like alleged workplace abuses of minimum wage, overtime and family medical leave laws.

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