Monday, February 7, 2011

Southern Conservative Democrats Abandon the Democratic Party

Left Turn Only: Dispatches From the Progressive Underground

There is no such thing as a conservative Democrat anymore. The Democratic Party has moved to the far left and isn't coming back anytime soon.

The LA Times reported:
But after his party's midterm beat-down in November, Bell, a commissioner in northern Georgia's Hall County, jumped ship. He joined the Republicans.

Bell, 30, said he had serious issues with the healthcare law and believed that conservative "blue dog" Democrats in Congress who shared his values had been bullied into voting for it.

Bell's defection is one of dozens by state and local Democratic officials in the Deep South in recent months that underscore Republicans' continued consolidation of power in the region — a process that started with presidential politics but increasingly affects government down to the level of dogcatcher.

"I think the midterms showed you really can't be a conservative and be a member of the Democratic Party," Bell said.

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