Friday, March 25, 2011

Demo Sen. Frank Lautenberg: Planned Parenthood Opponents "Don't Deserve the Freedoms That Are in the Constitution"

More intolerance from the left...

Via RPC:
"They [Tea Party Republicans and the majority of Americans who don't want their tax dollars funding Planned Parenthood] don't deserve the freedoms in the Constitution, but we'll give it to them anyway."

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Interested Bystander said...

Hey All,

The hypocrites talk about how those in the Tea Party movement want to take all sorts of rights away from people, when that never happens, and then they go around talking in public about how the Tea Party members ought to have their rights restricted.

Does it strike anyone as strange how the "progressives" go around talking about the opposition doing the things that THEY actually do?

Remember when they said that there were racial slurs and spitting on the day that health care passed a year ago, and then when a video of the incident was released it showed nothing of the sort? But yet what just happened in Wisconsin?

I still hear reported about the racial slurs and spitting, but the Wisconsin riots are barely discussed except in the context of "citizens standing up for their "rights".

The fact is the people in Wisconsin were DEMANDING something that is no longer feasable. It would be nice, but like private sector jobs, these BENIFITS (not rights) can not be continued.

Welcome to the REAL world.

The media does nothing but indoctrinate us with news they think we should know, and does not report things we need to know.

Thank goodness for cell phone video and hand held recording devices. It shows the "progressives" as the hypocrites they truely are.

Although I don't approve of abortions, I'm not against them being available. What I am against is the federal government paying for abortions. If someone wants an abortion, let THEM pay out of pocket, or through a health care plan for it. I shouldn't be responsible for, and I do not want my tax dollars going for someone who made a "mistake".

I am NOT sorry I feel that way.