Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hypocrite Alert: Demo Rep. Anthony Weiner Introduced Parking Ticket Collection Bill, But Racks Up $2000 in Unpaid Parking Fines

Demo Rep. Anthony Weiner is all about collecting unpaid parking tickets from foreign dignitaries.
Weiner has raged against foreign dignitaries who ignore New York City's traffic rules, and last year introduced a bill seeking to get $18 million in unpaid parking tickets from 180 nations for the city.
But he has a different attitude when the parking tickets are his.
Rep. Anthony Weiner, the self-appointed scourge of diplomatic scofflaws in Manhattan, has racked up more than $2,000 in unpaid parking tickets around Capitol Hill.

From 2007 to March of this year, Weiner's ticket total was 2,180 for violations near the Capitol and at Reagan Washington National Airport, Roll Call, the Capitol Hill newspaper, reported Tuesday.


DesertCactus said...

This guy gives a bad name to the "Hot Dog" industry. He also is a gager - makes you want to gag every time he gets on TV. I bet he took a hell of a beating as a kid in school because he is so unlikable, and with that name......

Unknown said...