Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spilled Coffee: Liberal "Coffee Party" Undergoing Civil War

Dunkin Donuts Ground Coffee - 40 Oz

Liberals answer to the Tea Party is in serious trouble. It seems they can't even be civil and get along with each other.

From the Interim Board via Politico:
1) There is a lack of actual democracy within the organization. In a democratic organization, one person does not have the power to dissolve Boards, Interim or not. In a democratic organization, all votes (and all people) count equally. This is not the case within the CPM. We have had multiple experiences of having completed a task that we were asked to do, and then having all our work undone, because the founder of the Coffee Party did not approve of the outcome. It is our understanding that this experience is not limited to members of the Interim Board.

2) There is a lack of actual civility toward the Interim Board, as well as toward the Managing Director, David Overcash. We have been sent emails from our founder calling us timid bureaucrats, sexist jerks, out of touch with the people, fearful, intimidated, unable to understand the historic importance of the moment…etc.…

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GeronL said...

The Coffee Party is not a real movement anyways. They can't allow it to be democratized because then it would not be under the firm control of the left.

Pure astroturf.