Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Donald Trump Doubles-Down On Fox: Obama's Presidency May Be Illegal

Far from backing down on the Obama birth certificate issue, Donald Trump is doubling down and saying Obama's presidency my be illegal.

Donald Trump on Greta:


Anonymous said...

So, now Donald Trump has produced his "birth certificate". Turns out it's is exactly the same document as that provided by President Obama ... a "certificate of birth" provided by the hospital ONLY.

Trump cannot provide HIS actual state authorized or state issued legal birth certificate.

Yet this is his main complaint on the Obama birther issue.

It's got to be a level playing field ... same sert of rules for everyone.

Interested Bystander said...

Hey All,


So this is what Obama released?


I don't think so, if Obama would release a BC that looked like this, the controversy would go away.

Even the other BC Trump released, in which the left played hypocrites on and stated it was not complete enough had more information on it than Obama's did.

So now the FACT is we know more about where Trump was born, than we do about where Obama was born.

When will the President step up and release his long form birth certificate?