Monday, July 11, 2011

Casey Anthony juror number 12 is in hiding

She called her employer and retired over the phone so she wouldn't have to face her coworkers. She should be ashamed. She allowed a woman who failed to report her child was missing, a child that was later found dead with duct-tape on her head, to walk. This woman told police her daughter was alive and she said had spoken to her two weeks after poor little Casey was dead. And this woman is only guilty of lying to police? The other jurors should be ashamed to show their faces too.
Now, she’s in hiding.

Juror number 12 left Florida. Her husband, fighting back tears, tells NBC News he’s not sure when she’ll return to her home in Florida.

Why? He says she fears half of her co-workers want her head on a platter.

The others may understand what she did, but she didn’t want to face them.

She was due to retire in the fall, but Juror number 12, after being released from sequestration, chose to call her boss to announce she couldn’t come to work. She didn’t feel safe.

She retired over the phone.

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