Thursday, June 28, 2012

Eric Holder Gets a Spanking. House Votes Him in Civil and Criminal Contempt

Eric Holder is the first sitting member of an administration to be voted in contempt of Congress. All he had to do was turn over some documents.

Via the Washington Times:
The House on Thursday cited Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. for contempt of Congress in a historic vote weighted with political significance, though it does little to break the stalemate over his decision to withhold documents over the Justice Department’s actions in a botched gun-walking operation.

The 255-67 vote amounted to a political spanking for Mr. Holder and President Obama, and 17 Democrats joined with Republicans in demanding the documents be released. Most Democrats, however, walked out in protest of the vote.

It marks the first time an attorney general has been held in contempt by a chamber.

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