Friday, June 22, 2012

Draft agenda for the Rio+20 climate change conference calls for economic “contraction” in major countries.

President Obama is already implementing this agenda in America...

Via Washington Examiner:
United Nations officials refuse to allow observers to read the draft agenda for the Rio+20 conference on climate change, after an earlier draft called for the economic “contraction” in major countries.
“It seems the UN has taken the final pre-conference draft and classified it!” Lord Monckton, a climate skeptic with the Center for a Constructive Tomorrow reported in an email. “We were promised transparency. This is unacceptable.”
A proposal within an earlier draft agenda for the conference called for the “contraction and convergence for over- and under-consumers of natural resources,” CFACT noted. Given President Obama’s oft-repeated statistic that the United States produces 2 percent of the world’s oil but uses 20 percent, this proposal would affect the American economy significantly.
“We aspire to nothing less than a global movement for generational change,” UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon said earlier this year.
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