Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Fun Video: Chinese official who misses plane totally flips out

Even master bureaucrats become frustrated with the bureaucracy.

Via the Global Times:
Yan Linkun, a member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Committee (CPPCC) from Shizong county, Yunnan Province, has come under the spotlight for smashing equipment at a boarding gate at Kunming Changshui International Airport. …
After an official investigation, the man in the video was confirmed to be Yan Linkun, a member of the CPPCC Committee of Shizong county and vice chairman of the Guangdong Yunnan Mining Company under the Guangdong Fengle Group. …
Zhang Dahong, the general manager of Yunnan Mining Industry Company, said on Sunday that the group had decided to suspend Yan, and local police are also conducting an investigation.
I wonder how many Americans have felt like this when dealing with TSA? 

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