Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Jindal dumps Common Core in Louisiana...

Common Core was a good idea that was stupidly implemented.

Via WaPo:
Simmering tensions over the Common Core State Standards in Louisiana erupted into an intramural battle as Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) declared he was withdrawing his state from the national education standards while the state’s top education officials insisted Louisiana would keep them.
In a hastily arranged public announcement Wednesday, Jindal said he had issued an executive order to remove Louisiana from a consortium of states that is creating new standardized tests based on the Common Core standards in reading and math for grades K through 12.
Jindal, a possible presidential candidate, was an early supporter of the standards. But as they came under fire by critics, including tea party groups, Jindal’s support dissolved.
He said Wednesday he was opposed to the standards because he came to see them as a “federal takeover” of state education, even though the Common Core was created by a group of states and the federal government had no official role.

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