Sunday, January 11, 2009

More infomation is coming out on Obama's Blagojevich contacts

In spite of what the Obama team has told us, the contacts than had with Blagojevich ran deep. The most troubling thing is Obama wanted to maintain a close relationship with Blagojevich even after he was under suspicion. New information has been uncovered through the Freedom of Information act.
Blagojevich Contacts with Obama and Transition Team: Update
January 10, 2009
Judicial Watch Obtains Documents Re: Blagojevich Contacts with Obama and Transition Team
by Tom Fitton
Judical Watch

When federal authorities arrested Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich in early December for attempting to "sell" Barack Obama's vacant Senate seat, among other corruption charges, focus immediately turned to Barack Obama. Did the Obama team have any knowledge about the scheme? Obama vehemently denied he had any contacts with Blagojevich.

Not true, according to documents obtained by Judicial Watch this week from Blagojevich's office through the Freedom of Information Act. (You may recall that we filed a FOIA request on December 18th.)

The documents include a December 3, 2008, letter from Barack Obama following his well-publicized December 2, 2008, meeting with Blagojevich as well as a November 17, 2008, letter signed by Presidential Transition Team co-chairs Valerie Jarrett and John Podesta providing Blagojevich with a list of transition team contacts. Full story here.

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