Thursday, January 22, 2009

Main Stream Media: Unfair and Unbalanced.

The MSM is having a love affair with President Obama. According to a Reuters article; he got 35 times the coverage that President Bush got at his last inauguration. Even ESPN covered the inauguration. Thirty five time is an unbelievable number. This unbalanced coverage hasn't just started. This outrage has been going on for some time. Time magazine is a prime example. Only FOX news covered former President Bushes return to Texas. Turn your TV's off for the next four years. The Main Stream Media is having an Obamathon.
Obama inauguration got unprecedented news coverage
Wed Jan 21, 2009 4:36pm EST

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - President Barack Obama's inauguration generated an unprecedented 35,000 stories in the world's major newspapers, television and radio broadcasts over the past day -- about 35 times more than the last presidential swearing-in -- a monitoring group said on Wednesday.

The Texas-based Global Language Monitor said there had also been 6 million new Obama-related mentions on the Internet since December 31.

By comparison, the last U.S. presidential inauguration, of George W. Bush in January 2005, resulted in about 1,000 stories in major media worldwide, Paul JJ Payack, president of Global Language Monitor said. excerpted from

2 comments: United States Marijuana Party said...

The number of stories written does not make Barack Obama a Natural Born Citizen. If he did not take his 2nd oath of office on a Bible, then what did he take it on, a Koran?
You'd better believe, with all the young kids out in shopping centers now, immitating "Black" talk, that next year there will be millions more half Black babies born to teenage white girls. United States Marijuana Party said...


for continuing fraud in a fiduciary capacity
and registered voters
for failure to perform their
first subpoena
Barack Hussein Obama's
original long form birth certificate
before certifying
the electoral college votes,
which involved breach of informed consent and therefore
fraudulent conveyances.

Add Supreme Court Justice John G. Roberts as a defendant for administering the
Presidential oath of office the second time in private rather than in public, which is not adequate evidence of the act.

Add former Vice President Vice President Dick Cheney as a defendant for failure to perform his duty to call for objections to the Electoral College vote count on January 8, 2009.


28 USCS, Chapter 91, United States Claims Court, Section 1491 (a)(1) The United States Court of Federal Claims shall have jurisdiction to render judgment upon any claim against the United States founded either upon the Constitution or any Act of Congress or any regulation of an executive department, or upon any express or implied contract with the United States.

(a(2) To provide an entire remedy and to complete the relief afforded by the judgment, the court may, as an incident of and collateral to any such judgment, issue orders directing restoration to office or position, placement in appropriate duty or retirement status, and correction of applicable records, and such orders may be issued to any appropriate official of the United States. In any case within its jurisdiction, the court shall have the power to remand appropriate matters to any administrative or executive body or official with such direction as it may deem proper and just.

Look in the lower right hand corner of the Certification of Live Birth that Barack Obama's campaign put on the internet and see:
[HRS 338-13(b), 338-19]

Hawaii Revised Statute 338-13(b) is subject to HRS 338-16, 338-17 and 338-18.

All of the above are statutes that explain that the "Certification of Live Birth was based on old records or records in such condition as they could not be normally used, and that the certificate was issued ONE YEAR OR MORE AFTER BIRTH, AND/OR ALTERED.

Think of all the famous swindlers in our life times. They could all awe a crowd, like lemmings over a cliff.