Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hamas continues to throw Palestinian civilians under the bus

Hamas is smuggling new weapons into Gaza in preparation for a new round of fighting. Only half the tunnels were destroyed during operation Cast Lead. Hamas does not want to negotiate peace. They are willing to fight to the death of every Palestinian civilian in Gaza. Next time you see photos of Palestinian children killed in Israeli bombings; remember the actions of Hamas during the cease fire.
Tunnel Smuggling into Gaza Continues, Hamas Resupplying Weapons
January 25, 2009
Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center at the Israel Intelligence Heritage & Commemoration Center (IICC)

Hamas Invites Foreign Correspondents to the Egyptian Border to Prove Some Smuggling Tunnels Still Operating after Operation Cast Lead. The move was made to defy Israel, Egypt and the international community, and is part of Hamas’s battle for hearts and minds and to produce a victory narrative. Excerpted from here.


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