Monday, January 26, 2009

Make some gravy. The stimulus bill is full of pork.

We had high hopes Barack Obama would push through a stimulus bill that would truly stimulate the economy. Instead, he is seems to be appeasing his constituents and Congressional Democrats. The $825 billion economic stimulus package contains $400 million in money for computers at Social Security and $276 million to fix the computer systems at the State Department. They may very well need upgraded computer systems, but that won't stimulate the economy. They will probably buy computers made oversees and talk to people with Indian accents on a help line. Also, the bill contains money for contraceptives. Contraceptives? How will that stimulate the economy? The bill also contains $400 million for NASA scientists to conduct climate change research. I guess that will stimulate the economy for NASA scientists. I am not sure how it will trickle down to us normal citizens. There is a $50 million outlay for the National Endowment for the Arts. I guess this is to help those "starving artists". I always thought those "starving artists" should get a job like the rest of us. Even though there are no "earmarks" in this bill; Barack Obama has left the back door open for lobbyists. Update: The contraceptive item was removed.

Economic stimulus or just more pork?

Zachary Coile, Chronicle Washington Bureau

(01-26) 04:00 PST Washington - --

Is $200 million to rehabilitate the National Mall a crucial way to stimulate the U.S. economy? How about $276 million to fix the computer systems at the State Department? And what about $650 million to repair dilapidated Forest Service facilities?

As Congress rushes toward what leaders of both parties predict will be a speedy passage of an $825 billion economic stimulus package, critics from GOP lawmakers to government watchdog groups are questioning whether key parts of the bill will spur economic growth or whether they're wasteful pork.

House Republican Conference Chairman Mike Pence of Indiana pointed to a $50 million outlay for the National Endowment for the Arts - an agency that conservatives have long criticized - to help arts groups hit by a drop-off in philanthropy.

"This is stimulus?" Pence asked. Excerpted from

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Kris said...

i didn't see the nasa piece of the pie in my research...more global warming stuff i guess...but what does it have to do with stimulus?