Monday, January 12, 2009

Unions are throwing big money around and not to their members

Unions are spending large amounts of cash on lobbying. They have high hopes for getting every pet legislative project they can imagine through the new Democratic Congress. One of their favorites is the so called "Employee Free Choice Act" which would kill the right for secret ballot elections in unionization campaigns. That would be a disaster for employees and business owners. It also seems to be un-American.
Got Money To Burn Right Now? Big Labor Apparently Does

January 10, 2009
During this difficult economic period, is pouring tens of millions into political lobbying the best way for union leaders to be spending members' hard-earned dues? Across the country and entire world, businesses and workers alike are struggling. Indeed, among those hit hardest are middle- and lower-income workers, the very people whose welfare Big Labor executives piously claim to represent.

But instead of applying union treasures toward direct assistance to hard-hit workers and their families, labor leaders are instead choosing to spend extravagantly on high-paid lobbyists pushing their self-serving political agenda.

This week, Service Employees International Union (SEIU) leaders approved a plan to spend some $150 million of its members' dollars on a lobbying campaign that will cover just the first one hundred days of the new administration. There's no telling, of course, how many more millions will follow that first 100 days.

Regardless, the SEIU's own website states that its executive board was unanimous in this curious decision. Although the site claims that the SEIU is fighting for "working people," its announcement reveals executives' true motivation: Full article here.

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