Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Women are turned on by the smell of an excited guy

This is news men can use. Should we dump the deodorant? I doubt my wife would approve. Some men were paid to watch adult videos and have their perspiration swabbed. Where do you get a job like that? Personally, I want this job. Australia Offers 'Best Job in World' On Paradise Island I could get paid to live on a tropical island and blog.

Women Can Smell a Man's Sexual Intentions

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

By Melinda Wenner

It's not hard to tell when a guy is "happy to see you."

The twinkle in his eye, his swagger, that sexy smile — all are clear signs he's in the mood.

And, at least subconsciously, a woman can also tell by the scent of his sweat, according to new research.

Scientists have long debated whether humans, like animals, use chemical signals called pheromones to communicate sexual interest to potential mates.

Problem is, the effects of pheromones are thought to be subconscious — meaning that if we do communicate using them, we sure don't know it.

It's also hard to know what these pheromones might be and how we sense them, so researchers understand little about them. Full story here.

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